O Ideário Patrimonial


“O Ideário Patrimonial” belongs to the general theme: GD 7 - Interdisciplinary (Social Sciences - Interdisciplinary, History, and Philosophy of Science).

O Ideário Patrimonial is a digital Semester Series Publication. It is edited by the Center of Archaeologies (former Prehistory Center; former Transdisciplinary Center of Archaeologies), of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal).

It aims at providing a multidisciplinary and cross-information space of Sciences and other areas applied to Heritage as Art History, Heritage Management, Conservation and Restoration of Heritage, Museum Studies, Heritage Didactics, Land Planning, Communication, and Tourism.

It is intended that the content would be free access, allowing researchers to have available information, thus increasing the exchange of Knowledge. 

The publication meets the quality requirements established for scientific journals in digital format.

O Ideário Patrimonial” accepts original and unpublished contributions in the areas of Art History, Heritage Management, Heritage Conservation, and Restoration, Museology, Heritage Didactics, Territorial Planning, Social Communication, Tourism and other related areas applied to Heritage.

The deadline for papers' acceptance to be blind refereed is:

May 30th for the number of July

October 30th for the one of December.

We accept articles written in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian. Bilingual articles that are written in other languages, but with proper translation into English, are also accepted.

Maintains the quality requirements established for scientific journals. 

The articles will be reviewed by researchers belonging to the Reading Committee (blind peer review) and/or others external researchers according to the topics submitted, as well as the Editorial Board.

This journal is intended to be a free open-access publication in order to enhance the exchange of knowledge and information in these areas.

It's composed by:

          1. Semestre Periodical Publication;

          2. Monographic Serie.

It is officially registered in the Portuguese National Library under the number ISSN  2183-1394

It is officially registered with INPI and annotated in ERC.


For more information see O Ideário Patrimonial's Guidelines and Layout Design Rules



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11 . dezembro . 2018

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Ilustrar com Deleite o Património Histórico

José d’Encarnação

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


De la patrimonialisation à la muséalisation des ressources identitaires dans la vallée du Zat

Abdelilah Lissaneddine e Hicham Saddou

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Priape ou le paradoxe de l’ithyphallisme inutile

Cyril Dumas

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Las Personas de la Tercera Edad. Unos Grandes Olvidados por la Divulgación Científica

Juan F. Gibaja, Miriam Cubas, Jesús Floro, Araceli González, Vanessa Guzmán, Santiago Higuera, Niccolò Mazzucco, Millán Mozota, Ariadna Nieto, Xavier Oms, Olga Palma, Antoni Palomo, Gerard Remolins e Silvia Valenzuela

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Ações de Educação e Sensibilização ao Patrimônio Histórico Cultural em Pedro II, Piauí – Brasil

Elaine Ignácio e Keyla Frazão

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Dois Modelos de Intervenção Patrimonial em Centros Históricos: Cidade-Arquivo e Cidade- Arquivo-Vivo

João Victor Camara e Alice Duarte

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


The communitarian cinema in Montes de Maria: memory and cultural heritage in the Colombian postconflict

Maurizia Mezza

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Il Concetto di Spazio-Ambiente negli Studi sulla Prossemica

Annaluana Tallarita

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Arquivos Fotográficos – preservação e conservação de memórias sociais

Joaquim Pombo Gonçalves

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Os Restauros Realizados pelo Estado Novo no Distrito de Braga: uma abordagem histórica através da imprensa local

Pedro Ricardo Coelho de Azevedo

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Lo Sperimentalismo Letterario nel Romanzo Moderno Americano

Paola Tine’

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>


Os Correios em Leiria, Batalha, Porto de Mós, Nazaré, S. Martinho do Porto, Alcobaça, Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha, Atouguia da Baleia e Peniche no século XIX - [1818-1888]

Miguel Portela

Resumo | Download (pdf) >>

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