In order to share information produced within TRANSDISCIPLINARY CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIES, now available in the cloud, we have the support of several units within the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.

I thank António Casimiro Baptista, António Dias, Fátima Paiva, Filomena Paixão, Joana Pimenta, Joaquim Pombo, José Casimiro Pereira, José Ribeiro Mendes, Juvenal Paulino, Marc Lafont, Maria João Bom, Nélia Oliveira, Paulo Crispim, Paulo Freitas and Tânia Matos.

Regarding the work developed by the Fieldwork Unit of the TRANSDISCIPLINARY CENTER OF THE ARCHAEOLOGIES we thank all the volunteers and students.

In the academic plan, still owe a thank to our tutors who followed our training:

Maria Manuela Martins (Minho University), Manuel João Maio do Calado, Enrique Cerrillo-Cuenca, Chris Scarre (Durham University, Great Britain) and Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro. The University of Coimbra, Tutor Professor Raquel Vilaça.